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MIES on everybody's Lippies!

I love lip balm, but I also love a goooood lip balm.  There is nothing more irritating than a lip balm that you have to re-apply ten thousand times a day.  Those kind of lip balms (you know those ones that you find at the checkout at the grocery store or pharmacy), those are made to dry your lips out, so that you use it up, so that you have to buy more.  Clever little devils! Here at MIES, we have been making our LIPPIES lip balm for I don't even know how many years and it is still a favorite among many!  I believe the success lies in the simplicity of the ingredients for.  The more ingredients, the less...

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MIES Cuticle Drench - How to use me

Nailed it! (excuse the pun!)  Hands down our biggest underdog product! This is magic in a bottle and truly a healer of cracked, chipped, torn and sore cuticles and nails. On clean hands, drop a drop of the liquid on your fingertips with the pipette, then massage it in. You can also squirt some in the palm of your hand and rub all over, but focus on your cuticles and nails specifically.  Use this often!  Like anything in life you need to show dedication to receive results… like a diet!  (Oi!).  Keep this 20ml bottle of magic in the office drawer or next to your bed.   The drench contains a host of essential oils with Bergamot taking the shine...

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MIES Bubble Tub - How to use me

MIES BUBBLE BATH - Another 100% natural product with no added chemicals but loads of perfectly formed and satisfying bubbles. It has the most heavenly and fresh scent of Naartjie and Lemon, added in the form of essential oils. Simply add the liquid to a running bath and see how it makes beautiful bubbles. 

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