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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Now that we are in the swing of 2022, we can look forward to February, the month of love! Whether you are sharing Valentine's Day with your skattie, your darling, the one you love, or maybe sharing it with a group of friends, or treating yourself to some selfcare love... MIES body products have got you covered! So, why not celebrate love all month long by loving your skin and the body you are in? All the products at MIES are made with so much care, love, and natural ingredients, it truly is a no brainer to spoil your loved one with any one of our products.  Here are a few questions to consider when buying someone a gift from...

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MIES Bath & Body oil: How to use me

Product number three is our Bath & Body oil which I firmly believe is our biggest spoil product.  It is luxurious and rich and smells like either a spa or Turkish fragrant nights.  It is packaged in 500ml tins and does not only feel good but also looks good!  It is such a versatile product and has been used by many a masseuse, mom, businesswoman, and different kinds of therapists. Its rich ingredients list includes antioxidants, vitamins A, D, E and K and has the following properties: antibacterial mood-lifting capabilities, anti-inflammatory properties, regeneration of new cells, antiseptic, detoxifies, cleanses, pain-relieving properties, anti-microbial, hydrates dry skin, anti-aging properties,  and lots more! I don’t like cold cream on my body in winter, and with...

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MIES Hand & Body oil: how to use me

Our hand & body oil was the second product to enter the scene of the MIES range and boy is it still popular or what!?!  We lovingly call this one of our Handbag companions because you can take it anywhere and use it any place…. And also on any part of your body!  Some might only use it as a hand moisturizer, but it does wonders for any dry skin and makes magic on dry feet and heels.  So, a must-have for any handbag, suitcase or drawer. Taking care: This natural product has a shelf life of 1.5year, and if left in the sun, this life time will be shortened.  Be sure not to leave it in the sun or...

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