My name is Marlese but friends and family call me MIES.... yup! I am the owner and vision carrier of MIES body products. We are a proudly South African company and give work to beautiful women around the Western Cape. 

Thank you for supporting us and following our journey and growth. It’s because of you that we are where we are!


Our Story

MIES Body Poducts was born on the televison set of Ontbyt Sake on Kyknet in 2004 when we (Shine 4, the Afrikaans girl band I used to be part of) had to cook on the show. I decided to make food for the outer body instead, and made the first all natural brown sugar body scrub on live TV! After the show it was fun giving birthday gifts that I have made myself and everyone was given a MIES Body Scrub. In December however I received a large order for Christmas...got nervous, had the product tested and it came out with flying colours, a shelflife of one year and also a great comment from the lab: "Spoil product with a purpose." Horay! In 2008 Shine 4 came to an end, I got married and relocated to gorgeous Cape Town. And it's here where MIES's journey really started.

I took part in weekend markets such as the Slow Food Market in Stellenbosch, did the Good Food and Wine Show, and every year since 2009 I have been a supplier at the Kamersvol Geskenke Christmas market. MIES Body Products can be found in lifestyle and gift shops as well as salons who use it as part of their treatments. The name MIES was given to me when I was two years old by our neighbour's son who could not pronouce my name. It stuck with family and friends, and I am still Mies. The products in the range is all me. I love the smells, the texture and what it does to my skin and being. I make it myself and it's made with love in Cape Town, South Africa. MIES Body Products are all natural and made with ingredients like brown sugar, extra virgin olive oil, seed oils, essential oils and flowers of rose and lavender.

Faith Mugoromi

With her beautiful calm nature she entered our world of making natural body products in 2016. Not only does she manufacture products, but she is also very good at factory admin, stock take & packing online orders.  We appreciate Faith for all her talents and sometimes she even poses in our kimonos as a model.

Primrose Maigurira

She has been with us since 2015 and has developed into such an amazing confident woman.  She came to us as a very young mother of a small baby and now he is school going.  Primrose could not read and her English was broken but today she can read and write.  She manufactures products, labels, packs and sends orders.  We appreciate Primrose for her determination and hard work.

- Please remember to recycle all packaging!

- Local has never been so lekker! Hope you love it too!

Marlese Wallis xx

To God be the glory for the things He has done.