The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Now that we are in the swing of 2022, we can look forward to February, the month of love!

Whether you are sharing Valentine's Day with your skattie, your darling, the one you love, or maybe sharing it with a group of friends, or treating yourself to some selfcare love... MIES body products have got you covered! So, why not celebrate love all month long by loving your skin and the body you are in?

All the products at MIES are made with so much care, love, and natural ingredients, it truly is a no brainer to spoil your loved one with any one of our products.  Here are a few questions to consider when buying someone a gift from us:  Do you know what scents they like?  Would they prefer body oil or body lotion?  Are they a person that likes to shower or bath?  What are their favourite and least favourite colours? These are just a few questions that can lead you to the perfect gift.  Here are my personal favourite MIES products for February:

1) The biggest spoil for me has always been the Bath & body oil.  You can bath in it, shower with it, use it directly on your skin as a moisturizer, and even use it as a massage oil (hello Valentine!). 

2) The Hand & Body oil has been my favourite handbag companion since Adam & Eve met and is a mini version of the Bath & Body oil.  It travels well due to the size of 100ml and can also be spritzed in a bath/shower/body/massage if you are planning a get-away-weekend-filled-with-luuurve!

3) I have yet to find a better lip balm than MIES Lippies! This is an obvious choice for the month of kisses and love. I would also go for the Turkish scent as it is filled with rose essential oil, how romantic?

4)  Nothing sets the mood like a candle with fragrance.  We have four scents to choose from BUT the favourites for this Valentine’s Day is definitely the ROSY LEMON candle, the GERANIUM, ROSEMARY & LEMON candle, and our brand new, rustic cement candles called: MOON CRATER and MOON ROCK.   It is romantic, fragrant, relaxing, and the soft glare of the candle will set the mood instantly.

5) Lastly and without a doubt, my favourite product is definitely a KIMONO gown.  If you already have one of our kimonos you will understand.  It is soft, breathable, and light against the skin because it is either made of viscose or cotton.  It is so versatile and can be used as a nightgown, swimwear cover-up or a loose jacket over clothes, but seeing that it is February, Valentines, and summer all in one, I would say wear nothing underneath and pop the bubbly!

From us to you... we love and appreciate you, not only in February, but every month of the year!  Whether you are celebrating it with someone or alone... light up a candle, play some music, have a long bath.


Happy Valentine's Day,