MIES on everybody's Lippies!

I love lip balm, but I also love a goooood lip balm.  There is nothing more irritating than a lip balm that you have to re-apply ten thousand times a day.  Those kind of lip balms (you know those ones that you find at the checkout at the grocery store or pharmacy), those are made to dry your lips out, so that you use it up, so that you have to buy more.  Clever little devils!

Here at MIES, we have been making our LIPPIES lip balm for I don't even know how many years and it is still a favorite among many!  I believe the success lies in the simplicity of the ingredients for.  The more ingredients, the less good it will do.

We love using beeswax as a base as it has so many healing properties and we do source our wax from a reputable bee-loving company, so no bees were harmed in the process!  We then add extra virgin olive oil with seeded oils and then one or two essential oils.  Simple and effective.  No added anything!

Beeswax benefits:

It contains anti-bacterial properties making it a protector of sensitive skin

It contains natural emulsifiers that retains moisture, so it is excellent for dry, cracked and chipped lips.

It can protect your lips from UV rays naturally

Olive oil benefits:

Superior hydration

Brings relief to cracked and sore lips

Natural SPF protection

Our LIPPIES is lasting on the lips and can be used underneath your favorite lipstick (which usually dries out your lips), but this little magic stick can also be used on a mosquito bite to relief that burning itch, it can be used on skin that tore, like cuticles and creates a barrier which brings major relief almost instantly.  And I don't know about you, but the older I get the drier my skin becomes, so if I don't have a little serum at hand, I quickly use the LIPPIES stick on the side of my eyes for those crow's feet.

All in all... one of my personal favorites which I can literally not go without!  We don't call it one of our Handbag Companions for nothing! 

Magic little stick if you ask me.