MIES Body Scrub: how to use me

MIES body scrub is the flagship product of MIES and where the business originated.  It is made from 100% natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals or preservatives and therefore it will have a shelf life of 1 year.  All-natural ingredient products should be looked after, like keeping it out of direct sunlight and keeping it sealed properly. 

  • With our sugar body scrub you will have to keep the tub firmly closed between uses to ensure that the sugar does not go rock hard. 
  • Also do not place a wet hand into the tub as water brings bacteria to the party! 
  • Scrubbing on dry skin is always the best, but if you decide to scrub on wet skin, rather decant some scrub into a smaller bowl for you to use in the shower or tub.  This way you will save your product and make it last longer. 
  • If you find that the sugar has gone all crystal-like on you, take out the hard bits, place inside a bowl and add some drops of HOT water… this will soften the sugar and you can use it immediately.


Q:  Why does the oil of the body scrub drop to the bottom and leaves the top sugar dry?

A:  The oil is heavier than the sugar and after it has completely drenched each grain of sugar it will sit at the bottom of the jar.  Don’t attempt to stir it, it will just be messy.  Rather seal the jar firmly and turn it upside down for a few minutes until the oil has gone through all the sugar to the top.  Even the sugar that appears to be dry, will not be dry.  Even after a scrub with what seems to be “dry sugar”, you will receive a wonderful scrub, but still, be left with a layer of nourishing oil that will draw into your skin.

Q:  Can you use the body scrub on a dry and wet skin?

A:  Yes you can!  If you scrub on a dry skin, you will get the best results because the sugar is course and will scrub off dead skin cells properly and is best for blood flow and circulation.  You can however use it on a wet skin.  This means that the sugar will dissolve a bit, causing the scrub experience to be softer.

Q:  What product do I use after the body scrub?

A:  You don’t need any other product after a MIES body scrub.  There are lovely oils that will stay behind on your skin and draw in completely, leaving if soft and smooth.  Job done!