Lockdown Luxury Products: The Bath Tray

With the whole circus of having multiple lockdowns over the past two years, we have found ourselves spending more time at home, in our own space, and with the people we love most. A blessing and time to rest for some, for sure! However, it goes without saying, the little luxuries of life was definitely missed!

I remember taking my phone with as I ran a bath and thought... I feel like unwinding, relaxing, and taking some well-deserved me time. I knew I was going to spend more time in the bath so I might as well watch something on Netflix!  I remember carefully balancing my phone between a Bubble Tub tin and a candle, I thought to myself... sherbit... this better not fall into the bath!  I mean as we all know, a phone is not just a phone, it stores essential emails, assist with work, has social media, and not to mention, it stores the trillions of photos that captured every special moment over the years... this thing cannot fall into the water

And then it hit me:  A bath tray with a slot in it, perfect for a small device would be ideal.  But of course, that can't be all... I mean this wineglass has also almost fallen into or out of the bath... the bath tray needs a hole for a wineglass!  It was time to say goodbye to the stress of knocking over a wine glass while balancing my phone, while I am meant to be relaxing (how first world of me).  And just like that the bath tray was born (in my head).

Over the past 13 years of MIES, I have met so many amazing entrepreneurs and craftsmen of all things handmade and local, and I had no doubt who I needed to contact to make my idea come to life.  Stefmari and her team carefully, and with precision, made me the first HANDMADE-WOODEN-BATH-TRAY-WITH-SLOT-FOR-DEVICE-AND-WINEGLASS.  I was in love... I still am!

 This beautiful, natural piece of bathing equipment has turned bath time on its head! It has been coated with a waterproof layer and we adore its caramel-tan color.  Each tray is unique due to the grain of the wood... some even have natural holes in. LOVE!  So, our lockdown experience became luxurious with our fabulous new friend.


And no, you don't have to drink wine... you can put anything in that glass darling!