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Neon Cotton

Neon Cotton

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The MIES kimono cotton fabric was sourced in Tanzania four years ago, however the past three years we decided to buy fabric locally.  In the heart of Cape Town, we find these beautiful designs made from cotton, perfect for summer!  These gorgeous gowns can also be worn as a dress with a leather belt, heels, and jewels, or as a lightweight jacket, tied at the back over a pair of jeans.  Once again there are only a few items of each design which makes this special, a one-of-a-kind!

Cotton kimono:

Cotton is known for it’s natural fibres and because of this, it can be worn throughout all seasons.  It has moisture control, so it won’t make you sweat or heat up like synthetic fibres do.  It keeps you cool in summer but can also provide insulations on colder days. It is hypo-allergenic.  It is durable, breathable and super comfortable and skin friendly.  And that is why we love using cotton fabric for some of our kimonos.  Some cotton garments might look a bit stiff in the beginning, but as you wear it or wash it, it becomes softer. 

Wear it as a nightgown, swimwear cover-up, loose jacket, or as a dress. Each design has a name and each kimono has a number as we only make a few items of each fabric.  This makes it a unique and special item to have.  It truly is one-of-a-kind!

All MIES kimono fabrics are sourced in Cape Town from local suppliers.