MIES body scrub was born in 2004 when we, as Shine 4 (former Afrikaans girlband 2001-2008) had to cook on Kyknet’s breakfast show, ONTBYTSAKE. I decided to make something other than food, that is from the kitchen and the garden. A beauty product was born!

MIES is an all natural body scrub made out of brown sugar, extra virgin olive oil with seed oils, and different delicious essential oils with great properties and to top it all off....lavender and roses from the garden! All of this in a pretty bottle! It is super good for your body and skin... the oils used in MIES is especially good for circulation in the legs... that’s why I made the product in the first place! I could not find the right scrub for my body....this one scrubbed but had no lasting oils, that one had granules that does nothing, and this one smells nice but that’s it! So I made the perfect one, and I can truly say that it works for me, and judging by what people have said about the product, it works for many!

MIES has a shelf life of one year and was tested by the Mangwanani African Day Spa and is seen as “a spoil product with a purpose". Today we supply a lot of shops, salons and spa’s across the country and evena bit abroad.

MIES Body Products are high quality luxurious natural consumer products that are quick and simple to use and provide superior results instantly. It is mainly targeted rescuing constantly dry hands, feet and body. It exfoliates, reconditions and moisturizes skin with an energizing aromatherapy experience. It is all naturally made with love in Cape Town!

MIES is going back to her roots this year, but with adding a new carefully selected product or two she is aiming to win some new hearts and impress the old ones!


Marlese & the MIES team


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