Because Love...

We found a match made in heaven! MIES x BALI <3
So love yourself a little more this month and buy a beautiful combo! 
The Bohemian Bali Bag is unique and exceptionally durable.
The material come from Ata Grass and is split into four pieces and then woven to many layouts to create the Bohemian Bali Bag. The identifying abilities and methods with this particular artwork have been perfected and passed over many generations of Balinese girls.

The Bohemian Bali Bag gets stitched and  dried under the sun for many days then smoked over a coconut husk fire to get their golden brownish shade. It can take to a month to finish each bag. This process I leaves behind a smoky odor that many women and men find agreeable.

We hope you enjoy your Bohemian Bali Bag for many years ahead! 
Please feel free to contact us at Bohemian Bali Boutique for other authentic handmade products from Bali🌴
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